<Jesse Beyroutey


Jesse is a Partner at IA and joined the investment team in 2011. He focuses on seed stage companies, with particular interests in consumer financial services, healthcare, and SaaS software. He works most closely with DigitalOcean, Hometeam, Ironclad, Komodo Health, Sight Machine, Simpl, Transcriptic, TransferWise, Twice, and Updater.

Prior to IA, his venture career started at Insight Venture Partners, a late-stage software and Internet fund. At Insight, he focused on gaming, payments, travel, and enterprise software investments. Jesse held several jobs in college: as a product manager on Microsoft SharePoint, as an intern for Stephen Starr Restaurants, and as a consultant at a nonprofit in Mexico City called The Hunger Project.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters and Bachelors in systems engineering, and a Bacherlors in marketing and operations from Wharton, as part of the M&T program. At Penn, he was president of Wharton’s undergrad marketing club. He loves cooking and cycling, and is a novice web developer.

Jesse’s Twitter handle is @beyroutey, and he blogs at beyroutey.com.

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