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Drew Conway is Scientist-in-Residence at IA Ventures. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics at New York University.  His scholarly research primarily focuses on the modeling of social systems, their structure, and the emergent behavior of groups of people.  Within the discipline of political science, Drew applies this research to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of groups engaged in illicit activity; particularly, terrorist and criminal organizations.  Using tools from mathematics, statistics, and computer science, Drew attempts to gain a deeper understanding of these phenomena.  Drew is also an active member of the New York City technology community.  He is the organizer of the New York City R Statistical Programming Meetup, which now has over 1,000 members and meets monthly to discuss the latest tools and techniques in open-source statistical computing.  Drew has also been invited to speak at technology events all over the world, where he has discussed topics such as machine learning, network analysis, open-source data analysis tools, and community building.  Prior to moving to New York and entering graduate school, Drew worked in the U.S. Intelligence Community in Washington, DC.  There, he was an all-sources analyst specializing in the mathematical modeling of terrorist groups.

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