<KinsaWednesday, April 17th, 2013
by Ben Siscovick

The world of healthcare is undergoing massive transformation. Powerful mobile devices provide us immediate access to our personal health information as well as the ability to interact directly with our health service providers. An emerging suite of connected hardware is empowering a wave of new ‘smart’ health products that interact with the broader connected network. And data captured from these ‘smart’ devices is being leveraged to enrich user experiences and optimize health outcomes.

With these concepts in mind, I am extremely excited to announce our lead investment in Kinsa. Kinsa sits at the epicenter of the mobile health, connected device and big data megatrends. Kinsa’s overarching mission is to create a real-time map of human health in order to track the spread of communicable disease in real-time and enable interventions to stop it. The Company’s first product is a re-invention of the world’s most widely used medical device: the thermometer.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer qualitatively changes the way taking your temperature impacts your understanding of your health condition. There are three principal benefits:

  1. Enriched experience – in addition to the Smart Thermometer, Kinsa is releasing an accompanying mobile app that allows you to input additional symptom information which helps users better identify their ailment and the most effective treatment options.
  2. Comprehensive data – instead of a static and silod data point (the temperature reading), the Smart Thermometer gathers all sorts of ancillary data directly from sensors built into the mobile device as well as data inputed by users themselves (symptoms). This data provides users and medical practitioners with a more complete picture of your health condition to optimize treatment.
  3. Global view – by connecting to the broader connected network, Kinsa anonymously aggregates macro health environment information to build a real-time map of human health that can be used at the local level or more broadly.

Taken together, Kinsa is providing individuals an enriched view of their own health condition as well as the macro health environment with which they interact. In doing so it unlocks a new paradigm for real-time health monitoring with far reaching implications for personal and public health.

Kinsa is presenting at the Mobile DEMO conference  today and is launching an IndeiGoGo fundraising campaign to spread awareness and find early adopters interested in being at the forefront of this exciting new paradigm. Please check out their page and support their effort to do well by doing good.

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